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The Upcycled Toys Club is all about being creative, and using your imagination to create awesome toys from the materials that you already have in your home. However, it’s important to always have the right tool for the job. Combining the lessons we learned from making lots of different toys, we’ve hand picked some of the best tools and supplies that you could possibly have to help you create awesome toys, with the least amount of hassle.

Disclaimer: we receive a small affiliate fee from Amazon when you purchase items through the following links.

What is this: A roll of stick on whiteboard (dry erase) material!

Why we love it: Use this stick on whiteboard paper to turn anything into an erasable surface! Create your own whiteboards in seconds, and use them to keep a list of what you’ll need to make your next upcycling project!

What is this: Black and Decker 20v Cordless Hot Glue System

Why we love it: Typical hot glue guns keep you stuck within 3 feet of a wall. Not only does this awesome hot glue gun have no cords, but it heats and cools in just seconds! Make your upcycling projects anywhere you want!

What is this: Solidbonder 3lb Bulk Hot Glue Sticks (50 sticks)

Why we love it: These glue sticks melt fast, stick well, and cool quickly. Make sure you never run out of hot glue by buying in bulk!

What is this: EasyCut1000 Box Cutter

Why we love it: A box cutter can be a dangerous tool when small hands are involved in a project, yet it’s one of the most important tools in the kit when building upcycled toys out of cardboard! After trying dozens of box cutters, we found this one to be our favorite. It has a lot of fantastic features, including a holster and tether cord to keep it attached to a parent, an adjustable-depth blade so that you can always cut the cardboard to the perfect depth, and an auto-retracting trigger, so that the blade is never exposed when you’re not using it!

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