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The Upcycled Toys Club – The Easy Way To Give Your Kids New Toys & Protect the Planet


The Upcycled Toys Club is a family friendly recycling activity series that focuses on teaching children the importance of valuing the resources that we have available to us, while at the same time providing clear and thorough instructions on how to build cool new toys out of recyclable materials!


Upcycled Toys Club activities will help to instill creativity in your child, as they imagine what they want their own toys to look like, and begin to think about how the resources we already have can be used to make cool new things!

Fine Motor Skills

Cutting, gluing, assembling, and so much more! By working with your children to create Upcycled Toys Club activities, you will be helping the to develop the fine motor skills they need!


Everything has a story, especially when you’ve made it yourself! By combining the Upcycled Toys Club activities with the book, you children will learn the value of recognizing the stories not just found in books, but of the objects and resources around us


Creating new toys out of the resources already available, especially things that we would normally throw away, will help children gain a new respect for the environment!

Have you ever bought your child a present, and all they wanted to play with was the box???

Boxes, bottles, and cans… oh my!

With The Upcycled Toys Club, every month you’ll receive easy to follow instructions to make cool, new toys with your kids, out of things you already have!

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